The Beautiful Times of Lady Brooklynn
Dear Lawd.

I seriously just stared at that for about 7 minutes straight. I definitely think he’s the most beautiful man ever. I also think he’s the only man in the entire world capable of making a girl climax simply by looking at his mouth on her computer screen. Not that I would know from experience or anything…

Dear Lord, I’m going to continue to tweet insane amounts of amorous declarations of love to Matthew Gray Gubler until I graduate & can move to L.A. to find him & make him marry me.

Why Dr. Spencer Reid would make the PERFECT boyfriend
  1. He’s an only child so he won’t call me spoiled for being one.
  2. He has a kick-ass job and saves people’s lives.
  3. He’s a genius so he can help me with my homework.
  4. He changes his hairstyle as much or more as I do.
  5. He adores Halloween which happens to be the absolute greatest holiday in the history of forever.
  6. MAGIC.
  7. Sometimes his jokes (let’s think back to the existentialist one) are terrible therefore, he cannot make fun of mine.
  8. He’s pretty much 100% inexperienced with women so he won’t give me diseases.
  9. He had a drug problem & bad boys are hot.
  10. He’s from Vegas. Can you say “VACATION ON A REGULAR BASIS”? because, yes, I’d love to meet your mom and want to see her as much as possible.
  11. Did I mention the fact that he’s beautiful?
  12. We can read together ♥ 
  13. His co-worker’s friend manages a resort in Jamaica, and, omg, that’s one of my favorite vacation spots!
  14. He analyzes everything and won’t be annoyed at my need to do so.
  15. His mother was a professor of 15th century literature which means that they will both appreciate my being an English major instead of asking “What are you gonna do with that?”
  16. He’s sensitive.
  17. He loves practical jokes.

Yes, he’s the perfect man. Sorry, ladies, HE’S MINE.